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+139 children participated in Home Bible Study/Street Ministry in 2018. Ministry is new. It began in February 2018.

110 snacks were given to children in Home Bible Study and Street Ministry in 2018. Each child had to repeat one thing learned before getting a snack. Before leaving a teaching session, Team Leaders work with each child to make sure the child can repeat at least one thing learned. It takes time sometimes, but all children can be taught something. (Some children refuse snacks---but that is rare. ) Snacks are potato chips, or cookies or candy suckers. All snacks are fresh and new, purchased within a week and always sealed and packaged.

+61 new children were reached through Home Bible Study/Street Ministry

+51 Christmas gifts were given to children in Home Bible Study/Street ministry. Gifts were distributed in Thomas Apts, Pavie Street and Fairgrounds Road Area on the days of December 23, 25 and 26, 2018 and were sponsored by Rodriguez family, members of 1st Baptist 2nd Street. 

51 free New Testaments were given to children in 2018. 10 free full Bibles were given to children: 61 total free Bibles.

+22 children participated in Basketball Bible Study Ministry at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center in July. There were 2 adult volunteers.

+12 parents participated in Home Bible Study with their children. (Pray that more parents will attend church with their children.) 1 adult prayed to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. 1 child prayed to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. 

+During Vacation Bible School in summer, 14 children were taken to churches to participate in VBS. Churches were Trinity Baptist and First Baptist Second Street, Natchitoches, LA. 1 Volunteer driver helped.

+From January to February, each week 10 Children were transported to church through church rides ministry. Then 22:6 van broke down. So Roger and Mary at Trinity Baptist volunteered to take four beginning in March and still do.  Remaining children were then taught through Home Bible Study/Street Ministry, Praise God! Thank you Jesus!

+There were 280 individual ministry encounters with children in 2018. Lessons were taught and learned and repeated by each child at each one in order to qualify as a success.  Each child was given a snack.

+139 children could repeat Bible lesson’s main point when quizzed.

Children received 302 snacks in 2018.

+Bible reading: in Home Bible Study, all children began to read the New Testament. All read chapters one through five of Book of Matthew.  This reading and study of Matthew continues in 2019, God willing.


+Two pre-teens went to church on their own (a goal of 22:6 is to inspire children 12 and over to begin go to church on their own without 22:6, so they can seek a personal relationship with Jesus without being pushed to do so.) It's like a graduation from us but not from God. Prayerfully that relationship grows as the child goes through school.


+Started 22:6 Internet Bible Club using website and phone to reach children out of state or just those who use computers a lot.  All Internet visits are approved by parents first. In 2018 two children joined in Stockton, California. They have had four Bible lessons and earned rewards which they received. Internet Bible Club members get rewards by mail. They receive McDonald’s gift cards when they can successfully repeat lessons. 

+Total number of children reached through all 22:6 ministry programs in 2018: 154.  Volunteers in 2018: 5, Locations reached in 2018: Louisiana and California (over the Internet). All praise to God. Pray for more and better in 2019!  There is much more work to do and many more children to be reached. Pray for us to reach them in more places in 2019. Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers in 2018. God used you to reach children for Christ. “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.” –Proverb 22:6


report 2018

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