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God commands parents to teach children his holy moral views and commandments

Ask many people what is wrong with kids today and many will blame schools, Hollywood, the music industry or the lack of prayer in schools. These all play a role. But the Bible says the responsibility for teaching children morality lies with parents and guardians.  Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." That does not mean children will not make mistakes or sin. . They will. We all do. Romans 3;23 says, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  What Proverbs 22:6 is telling us is that we adults---particularly parents---are responsible for teaching children early in life. And it also means that although children will go down bad paths, when they do stray, they will have been shown how to return to God.  When it says, they won't depart from the way they should go, it means by showing them right from wrong, a child will be better prepared to recover from bad choices, now and later as an adult.

Today, unfortunately, many adults who say they are Christians do not teach their children about the Bible,  because they either don't feel comfortable, don't believe in it, or feel they are too busy. But what can be more important than teaching your child concepts that the Bible says are vital to their being saved from hell? The Bible is clear that only those who believe in Jesus will be saved from damnation (Read John 14:6).  The world is becoming more hostile toward Christian values and is teaching children moral values that boldly oppose God's Holy commands. The Bible makes it clear that  homosexuality/transgender lifestyles and fornication are sins. yet, society is promoting them even to small children. It is therefore getting harder and harder for children to learn the truth.  The Bible teaches that only those who know the truth can be truly free. Jesus said that when people know the truth, they will be free.  Parents who believe in Jesus therefore are the best source for truth. In your own home, you can help mold your child's point of view. God will help. As for knowledge of the Bible, don't worry. God will supply all your needs and give you wisdom and the words and actions. James 1:5 says, "If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask God."   You do not need to be a Bible scholar. Just share what you know and tell the child what Jesus has done in your own life. 

However, children respond best when they see parents, guardians and the adult Christians in their life living like believers. If you are modeling Christian behavior, the child will see that. But if you are living like those who do not believe: cursing, getting high or living in lifestyles the Bible prohibits, your child will see that too and it can have a very negative effect.  Read your Bible. attend church and Bible studies so you can grow in knowledge and faith. And pray for your child.  But don't give up just because you see the world following Satan. He will continue to use Hollywood movies, pop music, and those who promote sin.  Even some churches will teach sinful lifestyles, so be careful to pick a Bible-believing church.  But despite all of these challenges, God will bless parents, guardians and Christian adults who want to do his will to help children grow up to be strong Christians who love God and people and who want to live his way and do his will.

Questions and Applications for this lesson:

1. Do you remember the verse from Proverbs?

2. Do you remember the point of the verse? Studies show

many people who say they are Christians don't read the Bible.

This would imply they are not reading it with their children.

Why do you think so few parents are reading the Bible with

their children?


Read just one verse of the Bible at home over a meal

on Sundays  on any day with your family before eating. Pray thanks

to God for the food. Let your children pray thanks too.

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